Five hungry and slightly tipsy friends could not have made a better decision for a Friday night out. To the Icehouse we went! The Icehouse is a new Texas-style restaurant created by Nick Hodge from Kitchenette.

I could have ordered all items on the Chalkboard menu but we let our charming waiter Alejandro guide us through the process. He gave us fabulous wine, beer and drink suggestions. And came up with this menu for us:

Jalapeño stuffed with crab: the jalapeño remained crunchy and not too spicy too overpower its crab stuffing;

Lobster burrito: phenomenal, you can taste the sweetness of the lobster and other flavours complimented it perfectly;

Tater tots: crispy sweet potato taters – just pop them in your mouth;

Pulled pork tacos: thiŝ portion was a bit small to split amongst 5 people – I really liked it but didn’t get enough of a taste to get into a more thorough explanation;

Crab cakes: somehow you don’t often get crab cakes that taste like crab, but I may have found the exception – these cakes a packed with real crab meat

Bucket of fried chicken: coated in tangy BBQ sauce yet perfectly crispy with tender and juicy meat. Can’t find better fried chicken in this city!

Bucket of dr pepper ribs: the were cooked to perfection – often ribs just fall off the bone when you pick them up when they really shouldn’t, instead the flesh should come of clean when you bite into it and that’s exactly what these ribs were like;

The buckets are served with potato salad and cole slaw, typical sides but a blend of flavours that you would not get anywhere else, as well as the most delectable corn bread and buttermilk biscuits I’ve ever had. The combinations are excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed every bite.

It’s a very casual setting, don’t be afraid to roll up your sleeves and dig in. I loved digging into the buckets filled with damned hot chicken and ribs. Yes, forks are available but don’t bother asking for plates. As one friend found out – there are none, but you know what? It’s meant for sharing y’all!

The food was incredible to say the least. Nothing complicated here: great ingredients, comfort food, fun ambiance and a talented chef make for a winning combination. I foresee a very bright future for him, his team and this new venture.

Since that Friday, I’ve been hearing about their Lobster Tacos for Habs’ game nights… looks like I will be returning regularly, especially during the hockey playoffs. Now all I need is for the Canadiens to make it to the finals to justify me eating so much fried chicken and lobster buritos…

Oh, did I mention that they played the best music when we were there? They should publish their own iTunes playlist so that I can download it. Yeah, this place rocks.


51 Rue Roy Est, corner of St-Dominique
Montreal, QC

4 thoughts on “Icehouse

    • Apparently so! They have been promoting their Habs game nights on Twitter, but I have yet to confirm it with my own eyes… 😉

      Thanks Julia for your comment!

  1. Sounds AMAZING! Yeah Montreal food! Russell would detinately approve! I am drooling over peppers stuffed with crab. Wish I could have joined you guys for a bit this weekend. Almost better – still on meds and leaving for Texas on Friday 🙂

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