Strawberry Radish Tartare

I am very excited to have a guest post featured on the blog I’ll have what she’s having, created by the lovely Lynn . She has recently moved and was looking for contributors to help keep her blog rolling while she was occupied with boxes and other moving necessities. Her blog is a cornucopia of sweet and savoury recipes, with mouth-watering pictures.

She also just launched a new blog called Les cuillères, where she will recount her experiences  towards eating healthy while living at home with her parents. I am looking forward to reading more about her new experiences and recommend you do the same. Two blogs, one great foodie, all from here in Montreal!

It is such a pleasure to be featured on her site and I hope that this Strawberry Radish Tartare recipe lives up to the expectations of her readers.


One thought on “Strawberry Radish Tartare

  1. Thanks so much for the guest post! It was such a great post 🙂
    And thanks for sharing my new blog with your readers, I think it’s going to be fun!

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