Kristel’s Kitchen First Foodie Giveaway!

I am very excited to present my first ever giveaway!!! One Dishcrawl Montreal ticket up for grabs!!!

So what is a Dishcrawl? Imagine this: a crowd of foodies getting together for an evening of food and passionate conversation revolving around new flavours, their creators, the chefs and establishments. Dishcrawl brings all of these elements together. You get to discover new restaurants, meet new people and share an experience.

To read up about other Dishcrawls I have attended, click here, here and here!

Now, let’s get down to business – the giveaway. I have one ticket to give to one lucky person to attend the next Dishcrawl on August 23rd, which will be hosted by me and will feature restaurants in and around Crecent Street here in Montreal, Québec, Canada.

Who is eligible? Anyone who lives in and around Montreal, who can attend the Dishcrawl on August 23rd. The ticket is not eligible for another event.

How can you get it? By commenting on this blog post and only on this blog post.  Comments from Twitter and Facebook will not be accepted as valid entries to this contest. Additionally, to be eligible the comment must to be a funny story that happened on Crescent Street here in Montreal. Something that happened to you, an odd incident you witnessed or your friend did something really embarrassing that you promised to never tell is even better! 😉

Share your story and by 10 am on Thursday, August 18th, 2011, I will annouce the winner. The winner will be the one who will merit the loudest, capitalized and bolded Laugh.Out.Loud. (a.k.a. LOL)

So… ready, set, type!  The contest starts now!


I decided to remove any bias from this contest and a winner was selected at random from a third party.

Congrats to Elizabeth Ranger from who commented below and has won a ticket to the Crescent Dishcrawl happening here in Montreal on Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011.

To Élizabeth: I am looking forward to meeting you next week and you will get an email from me today!

To everyone else: a HUGE thank you for taking the time to participate!! Keep reading, keep commenting, and stay tuned for more contests!!!


9 thoughts on “Kristel’s Kitchen First Foodie Giveaway!

  1. Hum. The delay was 15 minutes ago.
    Honestly, nothing really weird happened to me on Crescent street. I love a place called Brutopia, where they make their own beer. Everytime I go there, I have exciting nights with extraordinary people, cheering, eating delicious food (you have to try the fried calamaris), chatting about how life should be, meeting new people, etc. Thanks to my cousin for making me discover that place! 😉

  2. Ok, so here goes, PRISE DEUX. I don’t have any stories per se about Crescent Street. Not really one of my usual hang outs, though I remember going to Irish Story Telling at Brutopia and there being a whole bunch of trannies there. It made for an interesting soiree as there were old men telling stories with their Irish brogue and a gaggle of nonsense in the next corner.

    Then there was also the time at Hurley’s when Saku Koivu fell DOWN the stairs onto me…

    Ok, I guess I do have some stories.

  3. My friend stayed at the appartment hotel (it was called Chateau Royal at the time) while on a 3 months assignment in Montreal. It was the night of the Stanley cup finale and he “met” someone and was on the way back. Unfortunately we lost and there was a riot/parade so they closed down the area for blocks. The pair was unable to find any place to “park” so had to save their desires for the next night.

  4. A funny story from Crescent street… well, what’s really funny about Crescent street is how Concordia’s Fine Arts Building is located right on the end, so among the pubs and brew-hats, there are awkward gawky blue haired bespectled kids dragging giant canvases around and taking pictures of birds. I was uh… one of those kids, but I also went inside the pubs sometimes.

    The second boy I ever fell in love with spent nearly 20 minutes getting convinced by his friend that Jesus Christ Superstar was an existentially harmless and life affirming movie, despite his fears to the contrary… this was under the patio at Brutopia, I think. Good times 🙂

    I also took over a shift as coat check girl at Hurleys for one night and made 65$ in tips by running around like a 22-year-old nuisance and doing chin ups on the coat racks!

  5. Well, my tale is a story of a man, Newtown, and a new respect for the Dyson hand dryer. I was at Newtown noshing on sushi pizza with some colleagues from work about two years ago and after a couple glasses of wine I finally had to retire to the restroom. Because we were changing tables to the terasse, I had my glass of wine in my hand. My colleagues were already far ahead of me so instead of handing off the glass I decided just to tote it into the washroom and hopefully find a convenient sanitary place to stand it. Well.. I entered the washroom and walked about in such a manner that the hand holding the wine passed under the super-industrial-blast Dyson hand-dryer and…. SWOOOOOSH…. the wine was blown from the glass and I was saturated in a fine chianti mist and splatter quicker than you could say “Dyson”. I can affirm to you that wine can definitely be atomized. Suffice it to say I ended up making the trek home by Atwater to change.

  6. Walking by crescent one evening I noticed an unhappy looking girl eating at Pinos, facing the street windows. She proceeded to literally vomit up some of her meal onto the table and I kept waking by as if nothing had happened The food at Pinos is apparently not the best. Vomit test confirmed.

  7. Oh and if you ever need some more funny tales from other parts of Montreal I have a tale of the risotto at Guido & Angelina’s that I held over a waiter’s head to prove it was too overcooked and the tableside visit by an angry Chuck Hughes at Garde Manger years ago when I sent back a -very- obviously uncooked crab. LOL

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