Sweet and Salty Rosemary Pecans

These past few days I have been travelling and I hate being stuck on a plane, train or automobile with limited choices of what to eat. As addicted I am to those highly processed snacks, I avoid them as much as I can. If I can travel with my own homemade food and snacks, then I know I will feel better at the end of it. Travelling also means time away from my kitchen, so I don’t have a new creation of my own to share with you this week.

I always pack some fruit to snack on when travelling, but I  recently came accross a new recipe from 101 Cookbooks that I just couldn’t wait to try. For this particular recipe, Heidi talked about her own recent travels and travel snacks. If you have not yet read her fantastic vegeterian blog, then I highly recommend you do so right away! She has wonderful recipes, pictures, and more to offer.

Her Brown Sugar Rosemary Walnuts recipe is so simple to make, that I mixed it up in a flash and baked them while I finished packing. Luckily I had everything I needed on hand – the advantage of keeping a well stocked pantry.

Well, almost everything… I did not have walnuts but it was an easy switch-in the pecans I had on hand.

I packed up one box for the trip and had enough leftover to make a few small care-packages, perfect treats for Thanksgiving that is right around the corner or even as host/hostess gifts! Wherever you go, whomever you meet, homemade treats are the best way to share the love (with other or even just yourself).

Do you have any favorite travel snacks? share your eating travel tips in the comments here.


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