Out of my fridge

Food is our common ground, a universal experience – James Beard

Every one’s gotta eat! It’s simple enough, a basic survival instinct. Lucky for us we’re at the top of the food chain and have opposable thumbs at our disposal. No time like the present to put them to good use and rekindle that long lost love affair with your knife and skillet.

The best meals are the ones shared with others. Yes I love food, I love preparing food, but most importantly I adore the moments that food creates. The moments range from heading to the market on a sunny Saturday, chopping onions with goggles on, taming flare-ups on the bbq, sitting down for a hearty stew on a cold winter day, and perhaps one too many glasses of wine with friends and family. Just as simply, it can be sharing an ingredient, a recipe, a technique that will be passed on from one kitchen to another, and today that is my goal.

Together we’ll get a few burns, heal a few scars, create some memories. This is my everyday kitchen and I hope you enjoy it.


6 thoughts on “Out of my fridge

  1. C’est cool ton site Kristel, bravo, ça donne vraiment envie de se mettre derrière les fourneaux!

    Je suis d’accord avec toi, la bouffe est un incontournable et surtout un des rares authentiques plaisirs de la vie qui permet de joindre l’utile à l’agréable et qui revient souvent!


  2. Kristel, I am stocking up the “mountain pied à terre”. I want to put in the pantry basics. I’m thinking that when I go up there more or less regularly, I would bring the fresh stuff and with the basics be able to pull together a decent meal after a day skiing. Ok, so there is flour & sugar, salt & pepper. What else? Any suggestions. love C

    • That’s a great question! What you want to keep in mind are the items you use every day and also the ones that have a long shelf life. Try keeping small boxes of soy or rice milk just in case. Broths are also great to keep handy, especially when you’ve spent the entire day playing in the snow. If you travel time is not too long then bring up some frozen vegetables. You can make a quick soup by simply throwing them into a pot with broth and bringing it to a boil for a few minutes (healthier than then canned soups). Pasta and jarred tomato sauce is always practical. Your basic oil and vinegar for dressings, cooking, deglazing or adding an extra kick. Same for mustard, soy sauce, hot sauce. Rice is also a good staple, for a side dish or even to put into the soup. Obviously there is no keep to purchase whole new spice cabinet but again this about what you use daily. Purchase ‘herbes de provences’ rather than basil, oregano, thym and the like separately. I like having paprika readily available to add extra kick whenever necessary! Hope this helps and if anyone has more suggestions, feel free to write in! 😉


    hey, I saw the film Julie & Julia last week in Toronto..
    CALISSE, you have to see/read it. It is TOTALLY your life.
    gros bisou de Ottawa *sigh* this city is slow. love the city, dislike the people, no offence!

    mdre xoxox

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